About "Where's Hu Now?"

President Hu's visit comes at a time when China is experiencing serious human rights challenges, including the arbitrary detention of rights activists, defense lawyers, journalists and Internet essayists, and a growing incidence of mass unrest.

Apart from his meetings with U.S. officials, Hu will be hosted by Microsoft and Boeing, both of which have a significant corporate presence in China, and will make speeches at Yale University and the Future of Flight Museum in Everett, Washington.

"Where's Hu Now?" includes details of Hu's itinerary and sample messages in English and Chinese that members of the public can email to the officials, business and academic leaders Hu will be meeting in the U.S.

The messages encourage these leaders to impress upon Hu that human rights concerns must not be undermined by trade and diplomatic issues.

About Hu's Visit

Hu Jintao's arrival in Seattle on April 18 will mark his first official visit to the U.S. since becoming President of the People's Republic of China in 2002.

Originally scheduled to visit the U.S. in September 2005, President Hu's first trip was postponed due to Hurricane Katrina. While the U.S. does not consider this a state visit, President Hu will meet with U.S. President George W. Bush on April 20.

Topics for discussion are expected to include trade, Taiwan, human rights and security issues. President Hu's itinerary also includes meetings with the heads of Boeing and Microsoft, and speeches at Yale University and the Future of Flight Museum in Everett, Washington.

What YOU can do!

HRIC encourages you—concerned citizens, U.S. officials, business and academic leaders—to take the opportunity presented by Hu Jintao's visit to send a strong human rights message.
Send e-cards to the government officials, and business and academic leaders meeting with President Hu, asking them to raise the issue of human rights, and to ensure that fundamental human rights are respected in China.

What else can you do?

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