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Founded by Chinese scientists and scholars in March 1989, Human Rights in China (HRIC) is an international, Chinese, non-governmental organization with a mission to promote universally recognized human rights and advance the institutional protection of these rights in the People's Republic of China (China).

HRIC's approach is a long-term process of engaging multiple international actors, including the media, governments, corporations, various United Nations bodies, and other multilateral organizations.

HRIC's education, research, and advocacy strategies are guided by three key objectives:

Supporting the work of local civil society groups to promote the process of economic, administrative, and legal reforms;
Generating international pressure for social change through monitoring to ensure accountability, transparency, and compliance with the Chinese government's international human rights obligations; and
Strengthening international human rights frameworks and facilitating international cooperation by working with other non-governmental organizations, the UN, and other multilateral and bilateral organizations, national governments, and donors.

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HRIC Press Releases and Statements
To subscribe to HRIC's press list, send an email to communications@hrichina.org with "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.

HRIC Daily News Brief
HRIC's "Daily News Brief" blog is a daily compilation of selected human rights-related news covered in local and regional Chinese and English press compiled by HRIC. The blog does not purport to be comprehensive, but aims to highlight the latest developments on important human rights issues.

HRIC Monthly Brief
The information contained in the Monthly Brief is based on information collected by HRIC. It provides a summary of arrests, detentions, trials, sentences and releases for the month and should be viewed as a representation of larger trends of dissent and repression in China.

HRIC Article Alerts
HRIC's "Article Alerts" blog is a monthly compilation of selected human rights-related articles covered in local and regional Chinese and English news magazines and academic journals compiled by HRIC. Only article titles (translated into English by HRIC staff) are available for viewing.

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